facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedin Jigger di tintura, Costruttore MEZZERA, anno 1999, tavola 2000 mm

FINISHING. Open-width washing machines (LVG 137)

MACHINE: Open-width washing machines (LVG 137)
YEAR: 1995

- continuous washing line for fabric in open width
-5 steam heated tanks + 1 tank for the cooling (thermic shock)
- Introduction of the fabric by entry frame with adjustable fabric braking device
- Slat widening and centring device with fluorescent bars (FLC)
- Double brushing unit
- Additional widening device with oscillating arms
- Belt filtering system on the whole length of the machine
- Exit of the fabric in big roll or plait
- Electric control board
- Dancing rollers with loading bars
- The main motors of the washing line are controlled by inverter
- Thermic recovery system, which, recovering the heat of the draining water, heats the cold and clean water and sends it again into the machine

Dimension: 2000
Compartments: 6

FINISHING. Open-width washing machines (LVG 137)


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