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FINISHING. Mercerising machines (MRC 12)

MACHINE: Mercerising machines (MRC 12)
MODEL: Jaeggli- Meccanotessile modello HL2000
YEAR: 2000

- Hanks Mercerizing Machine, with moving tank
- two compartments with caustic soda and two compartments for wash water collection
- each machine produces about 100 kg / h of yarn skeins 1Kg/cad. for a total of 800Kg. per shift.
- Autoloaders
- Hydraulic system shot with variable flow control, with 4 pistons firing control with encoder
- Yarn type: cotton & all cellulosics fibers
- Nominal hanks size: 1370 mm
- Hanks size: 1180/1510 mm
- Max. loading capacity: 12 kg/cycle

Dimension: 1550
Tavola utile: 1370 mm.

FINISHING. Mercerising machines (MRC 12)


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