facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedin Open-width washing machines , Brand/OEM ARIOLI, year 1988

FINISHING. Open-width washing machines (LVG 28)

MACHINE: Open-width washing machines (LVG 28)
YEAR: 1988

- Open-width washing machines for after printing
Format gives:
- complete introduction ?of pendular guide BIANCO year 1995
- 1chamber ?prewashing type PL complete of squeezer
- 2 SAT chamber to 6 drums diameter 450 mm complete of squeezer
- 1 relax knit capacity 150 mt complete of squeezer of introduction and extraction
- 1 SAT2 with washing to high effectiveness IDROJET
- 1 chamber for rinsing type PL
- squeezer in escape high pressing
- delivered lap

Dimension: 2000
Compartments: 6

FINISHING. Open-width washing machines (LVG 28)


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