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FINISHING. Roller squeezers (FLS 23)

MACHINE: Roller squeezers (FLS 23)
YEAR: 2004

- equipressure foulard - max pneumatic pression 26,000 kg - frame in painted steel sheet - upper and lower cylinders 370 mm diameter , with internal compensation axes , covered in rubber 90 shore hardness . Central cylinder diam. 230 chrome and satin
- parallel cylinder grinding
-1 Return cylinder, chrome steel and ground on the fore front
- motor power of 57 kW for the command, using V-belts, the central cylinder
- 2 handguards stainless steel
- Safety: with 2 security guards, one on entry one on output, consisting of sliding doors manually guides. Each door equipped with its own switch with electromagnetic lock the door. The safety circuit and fully redundant and includes two security modules in dual channel with feedback control, a sensor shaft is stopped and two contactors for motors. On the structure of screens are also fitted with two emergency buttons
- Cylinder 300 mm chrome-plated steel and ground. Installed on load cells for the adjustment of the shot up to a maximum of 4.000 Kg mounted on top of the foulard

Dimension: 3600
Cylinders: 3
Tavola utile: 3400 mm.

FINISHING. Roller squeezers (FLS 23)


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